The King of The Fighter 2002

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The King of The Fighter 2002

The King of The Fighter 2002

The King of The Fighter 2002 is an exciting action fighting game released on October 10, 2002 for arcades and has no part in the actual sequel to the series' story. There are 43 fighters to participate in various challenging fighting competitions to face the mighty Rugal Bernstein, the first boss of The King of The Fighter.

Prove right now that you are a born arcade fighter by teaming up with three classic fighters and winning every round until the final stage of the game. Play with Andy Bogart, Joe Musahi, Kyo, Iori, Terry Bogard and more!


  • Enter: start game
  • Z,S,X,A: attack
  • Arrow keys: move and jump
  • By pressing the Spacebar, you will activate 2 player mode, but it is necessary to configure the keys.