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About Simulation Games

Do you know this term: Simulation games? This type of electronic game is used for a truly huge category of games. That's because the idea is to simulate anything from the real world. And when I say anything. This is exactly it!

From car simulations, airplanes, even business management, restaurants, farms and, of course, your own life!

Some of them are meant to simulate a fictional world, far away from the real, but also, there are those that serve to mimic our reality, like The Sims.

It is interesting to analyze how this type of game intertwines with other genres, for example, strategy games. That's because you need to create and test plans, manage resources, and work hard to achieve a common goal. But not only that! We can also find simulation games that “flirt” with RPGs, FPS and even action games.

Let's look at some of them below.

Direction Simulation

Driving simulation games are software that simulates the direction of some means of transportation. They can be professionals, assisting in the training of pilots, or amateurs.

When we talk about professional simulators, we leave a little of the scope of games and enter another type of device. They are extremely complex and the dashboard and steering mimics the transport that simulates. For example, those used at the auto-driver training school have all the original mechanisms: steering wheel, clutch, brake, throttle and gear. Similarly, those used for training airplane pilots have all the mechanisms.

Life Simulation

Who never played The Sims, is not it? This type of game is known to simulate aspects of our real life. In it, you can work, meet people, fall in love, get married and even have children! This type of game projects a real world, or fictional, as is the case of the fourth issue of the franchise, which added fantasy elements, such as aliens, to the acclaimed game.

Although they have no practical function, as happens in the previous topic, it is a lot of fun and since its emergence marked generation.

War Simulation

Among the most controversial are those of war. This is because these games are intended to simulate a real war: troop control, strategy, resource consumption and direct combat.

Filled with blood and action they put the player into the reality of a battlefield, which can be seen negatively by many more conservative people, who believe that this type of game negatively influences people.

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