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About Games for Girls

Although it sounds like an offensive term, it is not, in fact, a macho expression. This is because, games for girls are games built to be aimed at the female child audience.

As children, girls naturally enjoy play such as:

  • Dolls
  • Pretend to be a teacher or owner of your own business, like a diner.
  • Play dress up with mom's clothes.

All this is taken into account when producing these games.

Girl games: Features.

Girl games are also known as Dress up games, or in English it is treated as Dress-up. The target audience, as stated earlier, is female children, on average 7 ~ 13 years.

In short, they are dress up games or simulation games about how to take care of a pet, or your own restaurant.

They can also have fantastic themes, where the player can freely dress a fairy, mermaid or even characters from movies like Harry Potter.

Famous franchises like Even after High, Monster High, Barbie and Bratz are already known in the middle for their games that simulate change of clothes, makeup or aesthetic treatments.

It is emphasized that these games reinforce the imagination of children and contribute to learning, especially in early childhood where they come to discover the name of clothes, colors and differentiate themes.

Dress up games

Dress up games are extremely well known, because, with simple html programming and a pixel art based graphic, it is already possible to develop such a game.

They are great for parents to spend time with their children, as the unusual combinations that each creates will surely make for great laughs.

In these games, the fun goes well beyond changing clothes. It is about having your own style, building your personality through fashion.

But when we talk prominently, several sites can be cited. Among them, the Brazilian is the oldest. This is because it started its activities in 2001 and its games called “DollMaker” were a complete success.

But not only the brazukas who are champions in dolls. There they went, another kind of pixel art-based doll made famous: As Candy Bar.

The genre was created by the South Korean site called Candy Bar, however, after the site was closed, made dollsmakers available with this type of art.

In addition to these, we can mention some more complex, with a larger technology that still marked generations as: Dolls Divine, Rinmaru Games and Stardolls.

Did you like this idea? So come check out our selection of dress up games!