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About Racing Games

F1, after football, is one of the most consumed sports in Brazil. Which already makes it very clear that besides a ball in the foot, the national passion is high speed.

But it is not only here, in the Tupiniquin lands that speed is successful, the whole world stops when contemplating a good race.

And of course the gaming world wouldn't leave that out, would it?

Check out a little more about racing video games and their history.

Racing games

Racing games, racing video games, or electronic racing games are different names to address the same thing: any electronic game (whether console, PC or mobile) that deals with racing competitions.

The vast majority of them talk about racing between land vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks and even quads.

However, it is not a rule! There are variations where disputes occur with air vehicles (airplanes or fighters), water vehicles (boats or jet skis) and even space vehicles (rockets or alien ships).

In general, the player takes control of the chosen vehicle and can, through device control, make winding movements, accelerate, brake and move freely to dodge obstacles, pass opponents and finally conquer the podium.

In some of them, which are rarer, it is possible to use tools like “nitro”, which upgrade your speed; change cars (like the Need For Speed ​​franchise) and run away from cops.

The history of racing games

The story of the genre began in 1976 through the game Night Driver, translated into Portuguese as Night Driver. It was an Atari company arcade, whose goal was to drive a car at night, dodging obstacles.

Then came games that properly addressed the race as Pole Position, released in 1982 by Namco.


There are several divisions between the genre. Amongst them:

Simulation games

Here, although the game is about a competition in itself, this is not the focus. The intention is to focus on realism, with incredible and realistic scenery, pursuits and even epic beats. Good examples of this category are GTR 2, iRacing, Need for Speed, and Ridge Racer.

Vehicular combat

This sub-genre is not so well known, but undoubtedly one of the most different and creative. It's about vehicular combat. It may seem hard to imagine, but if you've ever followed a police chase video, you know what I'm talking about.

A good example of this are the games: Death Race, Carmageddon or even Mario Kart, where you can throw objects at your opponents.


Then check out our selection of Racing Games for you to have a great time!