Walk 4 Brain Cancer

I'm writing this off-schedule blog to ask for your help to raise funds for brain cancer research. Brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in children, and adults aged under 40 in Australia. Yet alarmingly very little is known about brain cancer, its causes or how it is treated!

*The official Walk 4 Brain Cancer event is on Sunday 5th Nov at Sydney's Centennial Park

In 2016, Matt Callander was diagnosed with brain cancer. In August this year, entertainer Johnny Ruffo was diagnosed with the same disease. Unfortunately, Matt lost his battle on Sunday night.

Through racing, I know some members of the Callander family well. With their creation of and tireless work with their 4Tracks4Kids charity, I've seen first hand their generosity, selflessness and passion for helping others. Johnny, who was also a regular supporter of this and other charities, is just as generous.

Benji came to me on Monday night, his moneybox in hand, asking to do something to help. So we're joining the Walk 4 Brain Cancer this Sunday 5th November. Whilst we technically will not be at Sydney's Centennial Park for the official event, we will both be walking the 5km trail around Caulfield racetrack instead.

Johnny Ruffo is the event's Ambassador and will be participating with the rest of his team in the Sydney walk. To support Team Johnny, Benji and myself, please click here to donate and pledge what you can for this very worthwhile cause.

Earlier this year Matt, a former NRL Footy Show and Nine NRL Executive Producer, teamed up with the Mark Hughes Foundation to create the NRL Beanies for Brain Cancer Round. Aiming to raise $500,000, a staggering $1.751 million dollars was donated over the campaign.

“Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease. It kills more adults under 40 than any other cancer. Survival rates have hardly changed in 30 years, but despite all this brain cancer receives less than five per cent of federal government cancer research funding. These are the facts, and it’s time for a change,” Matt said at the time.

All monies raised goes towards awareness, research and support. To donate or find out more, visit:

*The Mark Hughes Foundation

*The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

*Walk 4 Brain Cancer

Thank you for your support.

Tai & Benji x

*Daniel Geale, myself & Johnny Ruffo ,4Tracks4Kids 2013

*Benji & I geared up for NRL Beanie for Brain Cancer Round

*Johnny Ruffo shared this post-op image on social media

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